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Eco - II - Non - carbonated
Eco fast beverage machine
Market reservation: drink machines for commercial use
But sales of non-carbonated drinks
Equipment is stable and reliable
Can quickly selling frozen and delicious beverage
Stainless steel body
Advertising can be customized
Detachable cooling system
Drink a cup temperature below 4 degrees Celsius
Rapid and accurate beverage quality
Personalized custom-made
High cost performance
Number of drinks: 1-20, can be customized according to customer's request
Drink configuration: non-carbonated drinks
Normally the ice weight: 12-23.8 KG
Compressor: 1/4-1.5 H.P
Refrigerant: everything
LED light boxes advertising:
Voltage: 220 v / 50 hz / 60 hz
Electrical safety: leakage protection power supply cord