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As Starbucks launches Nitro Cold Brew, nitro coffee enters the coffee chain's catalog, offering consumers more choices.
Commercial nitro coffee is made when cold brew coffee or American coffee liquid is joined by nitrogen gas in a low temperature and high pressure environment. The nitro coffee poured by the TWBEVERAGE commercial nitro coffee machine tastes like an iced coffee that already has cream and a touch of sugar added, with a foamy head on top, but without changing the original coffee flavor. The coffee emerges from a tap looking like a cascade of brown liquid, giving the customers a new look.
Tianwan Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. production of commercial nitrogen coffee machine is entirely natural coffee infused with food nitrogen, which is much popular in the US and European markets, with more than 30% annual sales growth. It's the first choice of coffee chains. TWBEVERAGE commercial nitro coffee machine can make coffee higher nitrogen content, coffee waterfall effect stronger, more durable, more delicate taste. TWBEVERAGE commercial nitro coffee machine with independent intellectual property rights, a number of international patents.